JFY Tech

JFY established in 2003. JFY through advanced research and development with quality technology and design have expanded in both production and sales by a massive 100% per year till now, where their output stands at manufacturing 100000 pieces per month and becoming a recognised brand in the marketplace distributed world wide. 15000 JFY inverters have been installed on Australian homes by the end of 2011.

This European designed inverter has been optimised to deal with the harsh Australian climate enabling it to be able to harvest high efficient yields from your solar panels.

With wide range MPPT tracking the JFY inverter has an optimum DC input range from 100Vdc to 450Vdc enabling it to harvest more electricity in low light conditions meaning the panels can still operate for longer periods of time each day.

JFY inverters have Advanced Grid Lock Technology meaning they can withstand power surges from the grid as well as Ground Fault Circuit Interpreters as extra protection for your Safety.

JFY inverters 3kw’s and over come standard with Dual Mppt Tracking inputs which enables you if you are limited for space to split solar panels to 2 separate roof faces.


JFY inverters have a 5yr replacement warranty as standard this can be extended for a minimal price of around $250 for an extra 5yrs. This inverter also comes with a manufactures cash back of $150 to pay for the electrical labour to replace the inverter if needed. The fault Rate of a JFY inverter to date has been a very minimal 1 fault per 3000 units. This brings them to a very high standard of quality and performance.

Award. The JFY Inverter won the very sort after National High Technology Award for 2011.